Gary Ng says ”Hi all, i have received many e-mail from many of you regarding all the sex questions

She is: Name :: Naomi liuBlood Type :: BAge :: 24D.O.B :: 25 March 1985Height :: 165Weight :: 42Religion :: ChristianZodiac :: AriesContact me at is listed in links (Below)

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Naomi carrys an attitude, maybe to some people they think im rude/dao. But this is me. I dont wear a mask out to face everybody, i can easily offend people cause im too straight forward. Im quiet at all times towards friends/unknown,but im very noisy towards my close friends only. The moment i dislike this person, ill ignore and leave that person. I hate Gossips and Politics. Fakers always dont last long.. I hate my friends to make use of me, if its true friends, why make use of me? And i dont talk about my family matters, everybody have their own privacy. Please respect that, thanks – – Naomi always believe in ”What goes around comes around” ”Time will tell everything” ”Anything that doesnt kill me, makes me stronger” – – Naomi is single till now, why? I want a MAN not a BOY. As i had very bad previous r/s experienced. I want someone to take care of me, Very sweet, Dear to me, Understand me in every ways, Be there for me when i need, Give me surprises, Give in to me in everything, Respect my family members, Presentable looking, Someone loves me, Dote on me

P.S – She requests that you NOT add her on Facebook and other networking sites, though she prominently displays links to her personal profile.

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Many i did not reply as there were too many of it. Ill like to take this chance to post the answer here. Copying the forward e-mail i have reply to some. Below is some of the suggestion for guys who always comes very soon once he insert, guys who cant last long or for ladies who cant cum when having sex.

1) Try to skip the foreplay part or the licking & teasing. Go straight to action. U might wanna buy the lubriant so u can get urself wet then. Reason, foreplay or teasing might made him too excited. Therefore, he came fast.

2) Example if u guys think tonight 10pm u guys will be making love. Let him DIY himself to cum his first at around 2pm. In 8-12 hrs time, this is the time when the balls starts to produce his sperm again. So when it reach the 8-12 hrs time, which is about 10pm -12am. Thats when his dick will be harden alot more & can stand a longer period when having sex. Everyone timing is different. So he gotta time himself if he is between 8 hrs, 9, 10 or 12. Got it?

3) Last solution. If he can last slighty longer when wearing condom. Then wear a condom. But use this. Okamoto Gold edition. The thinniest condom & design is different from others. U can see the tip of the condom is flat which fit the penis without the tip. See urself & u will know. If the above solution cant help. Use the secret formulabine them. If 10pm having sex, ask him to masturbate & cum at 2pm. Then when 10pm having sex, use okamoto gold edition. I believe this will help a little at least. If cant, i really cant help le..Let me know how it goes ok. Take care & enjoy sex.

1) Foreplay is important during the start up. Licking the girl is very important especially attacking on their sensitive parts. Like slowly licking the ears drum, back of the ears, & neck. Slowly going down to the nipple. Then going down near the belly hole, side of the girls body especially the part between the cunt & the belly hole on the right & left side of it. If u know where ours kidney are. That part is sensitive. Lick it. Then, going down to lick ur cunt. Licking at the top part of the vagina, i believe u know where. If he can lick the cunt well use the tongue to fuck (tongue fucking) & finger u when he is licking ur cunt, i believe u can cum. This is what i do to my girls & normally they came once even before i insert them.”