He’s said he loves me in the past

This is his first serious relationship

Hi my boyfriend and I have been together for over a year now and we live in a small room together behind his parents house. We’ve had a few bumps in the road. He says he’s content with how we’re doing. But he doesn’t know if he loves me. He says he has nothing to compare it to, so he doesn’t know if this is love. We tried to be apart. I went to live with my mom. I was only there for one night and the next night he brought some of my stuff over for me and he cried. I cried and said I wanted to come home. He said it feels wrong to be apart that this room is so cold without me. We have seemed to be okay. We do everything we do in a relationship but he can’t say I love you to me. Am I just freaking out for no reason? Do I just give him space and not 1st I love you for a while?

It seems like he is afraid that if he says I love you, it’s like a marriage proposal. He seems to need more time to sort out his feelings. If you can’t, and you feel you can’t go any further without his I love you’s, than yes, give him space. sugar daddy And more importantly, give yourself space.

Now you have to decide if you can relax and enjoy your relationship just as it is, or not

Hi, whenever I have a h2h talk with my bf, he seems to be avoiding it or giving me vague and short answers. This time round I had a more serious h2h talk with the mention of thinking of breaking up. And finally, for ONCE he spoke from his heart (i hope). He seemed very pressured. I’m also pressured, whether will we last a long time. I feel that he’s confused with himself as well, saying “idk”, “you are impt…” and a moment later saying “i’m tired of everything”, “i’m the problem”, “prefer being alone”, “happier around friends” etc. I listed down 2 of my needs clearly and sent to him. And now I give him 2 days to sort out his feelings (no communication between us for 2 days), before discussing again because I am afraid that if I continue saying things he might just go crazy. And I couldn’t bear to lose him because I’ve been with him for 7 almost 8 months (longest rs in my life).

My ex and I have been together almost 2 years now. We used to be so happy and have so much fun.. then I started becoming really insecure and accuse him, and overthink about things. It really stressed him out and we would fight and argue and get over it the next day. He would block me for a day then he would talk to me again. He said he loves me all the time but then when we fought he told me he didn’t know if he did or not. He always would say he doesn’t want a relationship but nothing changed. He said he doesn’t have fun like we used too, and he’s so stressed out about what he’s doing in his life and he doesn’t want one of us holding eachother back. I don’t know it’s really confusing because we broke up on a Saturday then we haven’t talked and he got back with me on my birthday because I told him how I felt. We made up and he took me out but then that Saturday we went to his friends and hung out and he was all over me. Then Sunday comes and he broke up with me and blocked me, then he unblocked me again. We’ve been broken up for about a week or so and he’s been doing things to make me jealous and maybe try to get my attention.. I just want to know if theres anything I can do to help us. We’ve never had this much space from eachother and it feels good. He says he feels stressed free… that’s because I always was focused on him and not myself. Now I began to realize I can’t to that and maybe that’s what made him not want to be with me. I want him back so bad and would do anything to make us work but he doesn’t think it will because I’ve said this so many times and we never really took space and I think thats what we needed.. help!!