Jul twenty-four little idea; that’s some thing by HTC Jul twenty-four you know you can cure them

people knows whats inside the Stk.apk software? Jul twenty-four and this will set it Jul twenty four (together with jbq has already already been and come up with a ton of change to help you this new OSS offer & make setup, iirc) Jul twenty four ctate: has the guy now? 🙂 Jul twenty four Phlogi: SIM toolkit content Jul twenty-four

Jul 24 i’m able to establish a beneficial listener toward mother or father for boy or for what element, however each other Jul twenty four you need each other; one info?

and you can what’s com.htc.clicker.apk ? aapt dumptree otherwise some order that way Jul 24 (just what generate are you searching on, Phlogi ?) Jul twenty-four you can look at the new manifest and you can such as for example so you can do you know what it will Jul 24

Last night my personal mobile phone just rebooted throughout the day.. now I did so modify and wish to clean out stuff offers problems whilst booting. Jul twenty four

therefore i is wanting to know easily you want one to Jul twenty four * Phlogi attempts to get a flush cellular telephone once more Jul 24

can there be something the same as aTrackDog? It application sucks disappointed Jul 24 I’m seeking configurations Android os towards a keen intel atom, and then have just about everything performing except my touch screen driver. Could there be someone here used to ideas on how to debug a beneficial touch screen rider? Jul twenty four I am hoping to raised replicate the structure of the internal create system to own fantasy toward OSS tree (the modern OSS one will not check all the for instance the genuine thing), which’ll become easier to manage, and will also give some thing nearer to a genuine-world analogy. Jul twenty-four

ChrisL: I might inquire that it to the android os-porting ml Jul 24 Thanks. I’ll accomplish that. Jul 24 hi webpage? Jul twenty-four my personal herald have involved dampness :regarding the display screen 🙁 Jul 24 i have a problem with android.sax: xml eg

Jul twenty four foobum: if the no body can help you when you look at the #android-dev, you need to be diligent. Jul twenty-four 🙂 Jul twenty-four i could notice that. Jul 24

I can’t use my personal internet browser anymore, they accidents: anyone has actually a concept about any of it? thanks Jul 24

yeah they didnt change The month of january 19 essentially on begin as well as on change from proportions otherwise positioning it should phone call the new ioctld Jan 19 s/tld/tl/ Jan 19 Really don’t thought You will find ever had a successful doctor run using the initial was or without recovery means The month of january 19

botsmack The month of january 19 hmm, infobot are MIA Jan 19 * Templarian feels it is because of the many punishment. The month of january 19 it’s a vacation destinal exit your alone! Jan 19 PuffTheMagic: probably terminus was form 80 by the any sort of having fun with told you ioctls towards the initiate Jan 19 however you need to ensure it’s got a real tty for all so it to focus as well, I think Jan 19 * PuffTheMagic believes destinal will want to look at terminus source The month of january 19 * destinal need to have the fresh code The month of january 19 😛 Jan 19

Jul twenty-four 🙂 Jul twenty-four Used to do Jul twenty-four thanks Jul twenty four 🙂 Jul twenty-four ergh Jul twenty-four * ctate | (the present day OSS one cannot consider all like the genuine thing) Jul twenty four jbq: !

their for the git The month of january 19 PuffTheMagic: I guess I must find out evas while having it run on my ubuntu box for starters Jan 19


destinal: we cant share with a significant difference involved place Jan 19 one the initial hook preware reveals it’s providing before it fails Jan 19 PuffTheMagic: for people who set it then stty -a does it seem to have pulled? Jan 19 Robi_: so why do you have a rss feed titled ’preware’ ? The month of january 19 sorry it’s optware Jan 19 aparently I can not paste regarding elizabeth situation The month of january 19 okay, optware. what’s the Website link? Jan 19 it tries to increase the packages.gz in the hand-beta offer aparently The month of january 19