Love, Guaranteed Movie Review: Wholesome Story Of Finding Romance In Online Dating World!

Love, Guaranteed Movie Review: Check out the review to know if this Netflix rom-com is worth your time or not.

What’s Good: It’s an easy watch. Considering how the year 2020 is going on, this feel-good movie is adequate to hold on to, for some time.

Susan Whitaker (Rachael Leigh Cook) is a hard-working lawyer who believes in fighting for justice and wrongdoings in Seattle. Well, do not worry as she doesn’t have the vigilante traits. It’s a feel-good story, so she takes cases where the wrong is called out, and justice is served. Nick Evans (Damon Wayans Jr) is man fed of up not finding love on an online dating app called ‘ Love, Guaranteed ‘ despite going on almost 1000 dates. The dating application ensures people they’ll find the one within 1000 dates, but that doesn’t happen.

Nick feels cheated by the dating app and wants to sue its owner Ta) for giving false hope to people. He hires Susan as his lawyer, and they both drag Tamara’s company to court so that Nick is paid the expenses he lost by going on those thousands of dates. Yes, you read it right! They sue a dating app because they didn’t deliver what they promised – love. So what’s the outcome of this unexpected court case? Give yourself a chance to watch it until the end.

Love, Guaranteed Movie Review: Script Analysis

A man who made movies like Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Finding Steve McQueen, this is a big surprise from director Mark Steven Johnson. After all, his previous work comprises of crime and psycho thrillers. Hats off, to his attempt of trying hands on a modern or online dating story . Hilary Galanoy and Elizabeth Hackett wrote an immensely positive story. It’s like you can imagine them smiling as they write it out. The dialogues impressed me, and I enjoyed the Friends references throughout.

The story starts with giving us a glimpse of who Sushan is. She’s single; she’s dedicated, caring and kind-hearted. However, we would have loved to see more of Nick’s side. Not that we aren’t shown who he is and what good work he does, but considering he’s the lead, some more insight on him would’ve helped to understand his plight against the dating app better.

As I mentioned above, everything happens fast. It’s just a 90 minutes movie with heart and soul and funny moments, but I craved more. Maybe more depth, more chemistry? Everything in the story is extremely positive, which works in favour and is also a drawback. It works in the movie’s favour because this year, everyone wants to smile and forget the terrible things happening around for some time. It makes one hopeful that despite all the tragedies, there’s hope for love, longing for happiness, new beginnings and joy. But the reality is also about challenges, and the characters in the movie hardly have any. So you realise that this is just a movie and that’s where all the oversweetness ends.

Love, Guaranteed Movie Review: Star Performance

Rachael Leigh Cook has embodied herself entirely as Susan. She’s smart, funny, sarcastic, great at her job and just like every normal girl. Her character isn’t single because she has a pessimistic approach towards love. Usually, that’s what we see in most love stories. However, everything in this movie Outpersonals mobile site is full of optimism, so is our leading lady.

Nick Evans is a likeable guy and takes your attention. Credit goes to Damon Wayans Jr’s striking personality. Just like Susan, he’s quite hopeful of love. That’s why, despite everything that happens with Nick in the past, he believed that he’d find love again on a dating app.

Rachael and Damon looked lovely as a couple on screen. Hence, you wish there was more of their moments together in the movie. The events in the movie happen relatively fast that despite having some fantastic scenes, the rom-com makes you crave some more ‘aww’ moments.

Love, Guaranteed Movie Review: Direction, Music

I loved several shots in the movie. The scenes from the park, road, Susan’s office or even her living room were picture perfect. But the long shots of Seattle morning, evening and lights are picturesque. Another thing that stands out is despite being a story set in the world of an online dating app; Mark Steve Johnson brings in the flavour of classic Hollywood rom coms that many people love. This movie is a wholesome package of a feel-good and romantic love story.

The music was quite an earworm. Tiffany’s ‘I Think We Are Alone Now’ & Cecil’s ‘I Guess Without Fingernails’ caught my attention. But again, I craved some more.

Love, Guaranteed Movie Review: The Last Word

If you are crazy about romantic comedies, this one should be on your watchlist. To bring back the lost faith in love, check out this silly but enjoyable story. If you haven’t found love despite being on dating apps, check it out, so you know how to act upon it. If you are a FRIENDS fan, you are going to be pleased, AF! Moreover, if you need to sprinkle some smiles, breezy laughter and need some hopeful answers to mend your broken hearts, you need to watch Love, Guaranteed.